0,5 kg - 80 kg Forging Capability

Rail is still one of the most green modes of transport, generating significantly less CO2 emissions...

In Europa, one out of five km of freight transport is done by rail and has been developing. Global railway sector is becoming a market of 200 billion EUR.

2009, we began supplying railway parts to the major companies in the business as Deutche Bahn, TCDD, Bombardier, SNCB and many others.

Continuously investing and diversifying in product portfolio, we became a major supplier of certain parts as draw hooks and screw couplings. Implementing our 57 years experience, technology and automation into our railway business division, our customers are getting the comfort of having reliable and high quality products, being certified with HPQ, Q1 and when necessary, others.

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Draw Hooks

Draw hooks for Freight Car manual coupling systems. Available options are as below;

  • Draw hook 1000 kN-530mm-50MnSi4
  • Draw hook 1500 kN-530mm-42CrMo4
  • Draw hook 1000 kN-575mm-50MnSi4
  • Draw hook 1500 kN-575mm-42CrMo4
  • Draw hook 1000 kN-338mm-50MnSi4
  • Draw hook 1000 kN-285mm-50MnSi4

Screw Couplings

Screw couplings for Freight Car manual coupling systems. Available options are as below;

  • Screw coupling 850 kN
  • Screw coupling 1350 kN
  • Screw coupling 1220 kN

Freight Car Bogie Suspension Links

We are mass producing of Freight Car Bogie suspension links which ensure the safety. Suspension links are available with or without KTL plating upon request. Available options are as below;

  • Suspension link 103mm-C60 and E360 Material
  • Suspension link 97mm-C60 and E360 Material
  • Suspension link 140mm-E360 Material
  • Suspension link 171mm-E360 Material
  • Suspension link 286mm-E360 Material
  • Suspension link 325mm-42CrMo4 and C60 Material

Railway Track System Parts

Kanca is offering wide range of forged track system parts for both Passenger railroad cars and Freight cars projects. Please contact us for detailed information.

Bogie Standard Spare Parts

All bogie standard spare parts are in mass production for freight cars.

  • Complete set of Side Bearer
  • Girders for Side Bearer
  • Stand for Side Bearer
  • Rings
  • Elastomer Stop
  • Traction Stop
  • Brake Holder
  • Brake Lever 150mm
  • Brake Lever 180mm
  • Double Stone (Intermediate Piece)

Chassis Parts

Please see below for available Chassis Parts;

  • Security Pin
  • Security Pin, Right
  • Security Pin, Left
  • Security Pin, Middle
  • Hook

Other Parts

Please see below for other railway parts;

  • Draw Bar, 350mm
  • Long Draw Bar, 450mm
  • Buffer Plate