KTÜ Sürmene Abdullah Kanca Vocational School was built by the Abdullah Kanca; a philanthropic businessman who was one of the pioneers of the entrepreneurs started the iron and steel industry with the production of hammers and hand tools in a modest workshop and turned his company into a factory that would supply automotive parts to the world's leading car companies. Abdullah Kanca, who personally worked during the construction of the Vocational School, made the school ready for education with all its infrastructure and laboratory equipment and handed it over to KTÜ. Every year, school serves 800 students and lead them to join the qualified workforce of the Turkish industry.

Abdullah Kanca Vocational School is 40 km away from the airport (Trabzon), 250 meters from away Sürmene İsminaz Kanca KYK Dormitory, 7 km away from Of Aşık Kutlu KYK Dormitory and 30 km away from Yomra KYK Dormitory. Transportation is provided by public buses and private minibuses. The area around the Vocational School is a residential center where the blue of the sea and the green of nature mix together. There is also a Shipyard in the town where the Vocational School is located.

Vocational School Directorate certificated for Sheet Metal Thickness Measurement Authorization by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, and it is the first institution in the Eastern Black Sea Region to receive an authorization certificate in this field. Within the scope of Revolving Fund, Ship design, project planning and consultancy services are provided at the Vocational School; With the experience gained in the ship industry, studies in the fields of ship projects, engineering calculations and sheet thickness measurement continues. In addition to that the Vocational School also provides Welding Method Specification preparation, consultancy and approval services in the Automotive Industry, Defense Industry, Steel Construction (manufacturing) Industry, Dam and HEPP Projects, Ship (Construction) Industry and all similar welded manufacturing fields.